is the original online shopping place in Bangladesh. It offers complete hassle-free shopping experience and through secures and trusted gateways. We offer you feasible and luxurious shopping with all your favorite brands and cozy fashionable products. We know now a days shopping is easier, faster and always enjoyable online. So we can help you to make the right choice. was launched in June 2016. It was organized by the great IT firm ‘Large iT Corporation‘. Bilashe showcases products from many categories such as food, electronics, books, clothes, jewelries, footwear, handicrafts, musical, software, games, toy, appliance, restaurants, health & beauty, and many other items. We also still are counting!

Our collections are always latest in fashionable trends as well as the all-time favorites. We remind you that our products are exclusively selected for you. Bilashe has all items that you need under one umbrella. opens the gateways for everybody to shop over the mobile and computer Internet. We constantly update with lots of new products, services and special offers. We provide on-time delivery of products and quick authorization of any concernment. We can deliver your product right at your address across Bangladesh.

You can choose whatever you like. We provide our customers with luxurious feeling and great online shopping experience. Our dedicated Bilashe quality assurance team works round the clock to personally make sure the right packages reach on time. We offer free returns and two payment options through cash on delivery and bkash. Our services are at your doorsteps all the time. You will enjoy online shopping here!

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